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The law of diminishing abilities

Newborns have miraculous capabilities and that is why they are geniuses. The younger a human being is, the greater his / her ability to learn.

The more stimulation we provide to the child’s brain and the more experience we create for the child, hence the better the development of the brain. It is critical to start early to optimise a child’s growth and development.


ditoso's program

Special designed activities to groom children to be more independent in learning.

ditoso’s Right Brain Development Program are break into 7 stages to cater multiple difficulties level for different age group of children.


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Learning Activities

Audio Memory 听觉记忆

Audio Memory activity is to promote young children’s concentration in their listening. Through the audio stimulation, it helps to enrich young children’s sound database. Meanwhile, young children will improve in their ability to filter sound and listen in a distracting environment.


Block Memory

Breathing Exercise 深呼吸训练

The training purpose for this activity is to calm down and relax the mind, cultivating emotional control since young. It helps to change state from left brain to right brain before we start a class.



Eyes Training 眼球肌肉训练

This activity is designed to improve children’s oculomotor skills. The objective is to train the eyes to quickly and accurately shift from one target. This is an important skill both in reading and sports. Activities that we conduct in this category include eye muscle exercise, figure ground, word search, after image, eye convergent, near far focus, optical illusion, saccades, and etc.


Flash Memory 瞬间记忆

Flash Memory greatly enhances children’s observation skills and stimulates their right brain at the same time.



Imagination 想象与心象训练

Imagination and Visualization activity is to activate the young children’s right brain and cultivate their imagination. Meanwhile, it might help them to create a mental picture and “maintain” it for references. There is a vast variety of activities to activate the young children’s imagination and creativity.

想象与心象训练环节可激发小朋友右脑学习模式及培育他们的想象能力。此项训练能让小朋友创造图像好让能“持续”长久不忘。ditoso 利用多元化和有趣的活动来激发小朋友的想象力及创意力。

Linking Memory 联想记忆

Linking Memory session is to utilize the young children’s right brain ability to record, store and recall images by linking one image with another by creating a story. Linguistic input allows them to expand their vocabulary’s bank.


Photographic Memory 图像记忆

Photographic Memory task is to train the young children’s visual memory so that they can recall a mental picture with great level of details. Meanwhile it also to build confidence and boost learning ability. Activities in this category includes Discrimination of Details, Chromatic Sense, Spatial Sence, Block Memory, Instance Memory, Block Memory, and etc. 



Speed Listening


Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) 超感应力

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) also called as intuition or sixth sense. It includes reception of information not gained through the recognized physical senses but sensed with mind. Children will engage themselves in these activities to exercise and strengthen their ESP as a born ability and to cultivate young children sharp intuition.


Fine Motor Skills 小肌肉训练

Fine motor skills involve the use of the smaller muscle of the hands, such as opening lunch boxes or using pencils or scissors,and doing up buttons. This  essential for performing everyday tasks.  Each activity is carefully designed with age appropriate task. Children will learn to listen to instruction before they perform each task and their patient and persistently level will improve along the way.

手被称为第二个脑,是身体感觉器官的汇集处。手的训练,对孩子的成长和日常的生活作息有很大的帮助。此训练也包括了一些生活技能训练, 如: 学习扣上衣纽、开餐盒、使用铅笔或剪刀。每一项活动都会依据小朋友每一个年龄的能力而设计,通过这项活动,小朋友的理解能力和耐心也会大大的提升。

Flashcards 快速闪卡

Flashcards is an interesting way for high volume vocabulary input for young children. It helps to improve children’s concentration while enhancing their visual and audio stimulation. 




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